Membership Benefits

Dunaway is a member owned, member governed and professionally managed residential hunting, fishing, shooting sports and outdoor recreational paradise.

Membership Benefits

The Property

Dunaway is an established gated sporting community with a 95 acre lake and more than 7,500 acres dedicated to wildlife habitat

  • Approximately 5,500 owned acres
  • Approximately 2,000 leased acres
  • Approximately 95 acre lake
  • Two additional ponds, 5 acres and 1 acre in size
  • Over 500 acres of diverse upland game bird habitat
  • The residential component of the club is settled within nearly 140 acres of mature hardwoods and miles of shoreline
  • Total developed footprint takes up less than 3% of the entire owned acreage
  • Currently 29 privately owned cabins in the development
  • Accessibility; 3 miles of hard surfaced roads within the development, over 16 miles of graveled roads, and nearly 50 miles of ATV trails
  • Approximately 10 acres of fenced pasture
  • 43 primary food plots
  • Approximately 150 acres of agricultural food plots for wildlife
  • Approximately 1100 acres of timber management creating highly diverse wildlife habitat in the form of early succession, oak savanna, planted pine and thickets
  • Dunaway is located within 20 minutes of a 24 hour emergency room, a level 1 trauma center is 1 hour away, and all emergency services are available to the community.
  • Named one of the Top 25 Best Hunting Clubs in the Southeast by Remington.
Membership Benefits

Club Member Amenities

  • The Sportsman Lodge; a bunk house with 1-1/2 baths, full kitchen and large living space to accommodate overnight overflow and day use by members
  • Manager’s Residence; a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home provided to the club manager for on-site living
  • Assistant Manager’s Residence; a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home provided to the club assistant manager for on-site living
  • Covered, all weather automated 5 stand sporting clay course offering multiple shooting presentations that periodically change throughout the year
  • Covered, all weather rifle range
  • Archery course with 15 foot practice platform
  • Operations and Headquarters Building; 2,400 sq. ft. shop and office space
  • The Skinning Shed; a game processing room with full sized walk-in cooler
  • Sanitary 12 run covered kennels
  • Quail barn and flight pens to accommodate upland game birds
  • 2 horse stables with automatic watering system
  • Approximately 3 miles of improved hiking trails
  • Wildlife and fish feeders
  • Nearly 100 club maintained deer hunting stands, with 56 of those being enclosed shooting houses
  • Floating docks/swim platforms on the lake
  • Underground utilities; including electric, fiber optics, phone, city water
  • Gated and fenced entry
Membership Benefits

Dunaway Habitat Management, Wildlife and Fisheries

  • Agricultural food plots currently number 43, and account for 150 acres of planted food sources solely for the wildlife
  • Natural vegetation management is utilized to assure all necessary components of healthy wildlife populations
  • Prudent timber management practices assure necessary habitat diversity and help generate funding for additional habitat needs
  • Deer management has followed a quality deer management program since 1999
  • Turkey harvest is restricted to swinging bearded turkeys only (except when hens may be harvested in the fall), assuring for healthy adult populations
  • Guided turkey hunts are available
  • Wildlife has access to free choice protein feeders from the late winter months until just prior to the hunting season
  • Hunters have nearly 70 miles of roads and trails to access hunting opportunities
  • Members enjoy a state of the art computerized hunter reservation system that guarantees them safe, uninterrupted hunting within zoned areas, and collects all pertinent hunter survey data after each hunt
  • Dunaway has 16 years of wildlife data collection that is utilized for making professional and scientifically backed management decisions
  • Fishery practices provide a quality fishery management approach to Dunaway Lake. These efforts have led to fishing opportunities that provide both quality fish (for both consumption and joy), as well as the occasional trophy
  • The lake has a modern high flow, gravity fed outflow system allowing for necessary water manipulation when needed for management purposes
  • Upland game bird hunting with guides and club dogs available
  • Dove hunting on over 25 acres of sunflower fields
  • The 5 acre Spring Pond not only has good summer time fishing opportunities for bass and bluegill, it also offers rainbow trout fishing throughout the winter months

Dunaway On-site Equipment

  • The club owns two 4×4 trucks, a dump truck, two cab tractors, no till planting equipment, disc harrows, culti-packers, spreaders, side by side ATVs, and all necessary supporting equipment to properly service and maintain the property
  • The operations center is well stocked with needed equipment and tools to service many of the mechanical and building needs of the club

Dunaway Staff and Consultants

  • The club is staffed with 3 full time employees, 2 of which live on site to assure membership needs are met and security is provided
  • The club manager is a certified wildlife biologist that has been with Dunaway for 19 years
  • Dunaway’s operations specialist has been with the club for 40 years
  • The club’s assistant manager position is typically held by a recent college graduate with an accredited wildlife and fisheries management degree, which brings fresh scientific knowledge and up to date computer skills to the club’s management
  • The club has a part time Membership Services director that assists in insuring all member’s needs are met and to ease the burden of a second home ownership
  • The club uses contract labor in areas that make the most financial sense, as well as consultants to increase the professionalism when needed
  • Consultants include a fisheries biologist, timber management expert and QDMA/University research assistance

Dunaway Ownership/Governance

  • Membership number is limited by written bylaws
  • Membership privileges are only for lot owners and their family
  • Individual members own their lot fee simple, subject to property owner association covenants and restrictions
  • Members jointly own all deeded club property and assets, and rights are documented through Certificate of Membership
  • In the event of liquidation of the club, the value of all club deeded property and assets would be distributed equally to each active member
  • Most recent appraised value of club property and assets (not including individually owned lots) was 15.5 million dollars. This makes 1/44th interest valued at over $352,000
  • Written architectural guideline standards are maintained for home construction and property upkeep
  • The club is governed by a 9 person board of directors, made up of the membership, and is elected by the membership at the annual membership meetings
  • The board of directors is actively involved in maintaining the club’s high standards, vision, planning, and fiscal responsibility
  • Working with the board are active committees focused on individual club amenities and special projects
  • Transparency in management actions is given through seasonal management reports and quarterly newsletters sent out to the membership
  • Spouses of members, children and grandchildren of members enjoy the benefits of membership as “associates”, including access to all hunting, fishing, and shooting sports (with minor restrictions)
  • Membership dues of $855 per month for each lot owner/member supports the operations of the club

Dunaway Architectural Review Board

The Dunaway Architectural Review Board has been established to define aesthetic and functional standards at Dunaway Hunting & Fishing Club and to approve any and all changes or improvements to be made to any property, structure or improvement, existing or proposed within the boundary limits of the Dunaway Development.

Design Standards and Guidelines Subject to Review:

  • A. General Conditions
  • B. Environmental Considerations
  • C. Building Setbacks
  • D. Maximum Lot Coverage
  • E. Septic Systems
  • F. Building Area Determination
  • G. Size Limitations
  • H. External Materials and Details
  • I. Outbuildings and Other Structures
  • J. Vehicle Storage Structures
  • K. Parking & Drives
  • L. Service Yards
  • M. Exterior Accessories & Features
  • N. External Lighting
  • O. Landscaping
  • P. Specimen Tree Care
  • Q. Boat Ramps & Recessed Slips
  • R. Variances