The Hayden Lot

This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a wooded interior lot within the Dunaway Hunting and Fishing Club. The current owners have just purchased a cabin within the community which is allowing for this limited opportunity to become part of this sporting community that has been featured in multiple sporting publications. The lot is over 2 acres in size and lays very well. Mature hardwoods throughout the lot and the underground utilities are at the lot line. The membership to Dunaway Hunting and Fishing Club is attached to lot, which will give the buyer 1/42 ownership in all commonly owned property and assets along with full utilization of the professionally managed grounds.

Offered at $195,000 which includes the lot and the membership to Dunaway.

Please inquire on all available real estate with:

Jim Thompson – President and CEO of Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company

(423) 802-4868

Management & Real Estate

Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company is here to assist you manage your outdoor recreational property to its fullest potential.  Our mission is to provide our clients with premium land management and real estate sales and services through exemplary service and detailed attention. We work diligently to increase the value of our client’s investment through increasing both the financial and recreational values, while managing measurable goals and objectives.

Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company is a full service habitat and wildlife consulting firm that provides strategic planning, site evaluations, written plans, timber management, aquatic management, and various services to support the plan provided.  Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company also operates a real estate division to provide buyer representation for those looking for that perfect piece of outdoor recreational property.  We also assist landowners looking to set their properties apart in the market place when selling by blueprinting the property for its full outdoor recreational value.  Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company is lead by a certified wildlife biologist with 20 years of experience in wildlife management and habitat development.  Contact us today to begin making your real estate and property management dreams come true.

Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company…. here for all of your natural resources management needs, as well as a real estate sales and services designed for sportsman and those looking for true outdoor recreational property by a licensed agent that is also a certified wildlife biologist.

Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company was created to extend the vast knowledge gained through managing one of the southeast’s most prestigious properties to a limited number of clients in the region.  The Dunaway Hunting and Fishing Club is a membership owned sporting community that was established in 1982, and in its 35 years of existence, the club has gained vast knowledge of wildlife, habitat and landscape management here in the southeast.  We are highly experienced in both the natural resource management side, as well as the business side of owning and successfully managing and maintaining sporting property.  Our experience in wildlife and habitat management is the fundamental basis of extending our knowledge to clients, but our level of experience in business related activities involved with land ownership and management, as well as infrastructure design and maintenance, along with the human element and phycology behind hunting and outdoor recreation, is what truly sets us apart in the field of land management and consulting.

Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company is operated by Jim Thompson.  Jim has a BS in wildlife and fisheries science, and a minor in forestry recreation from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and has over 20 years of wildlife and habitat management experience.  Jim has also been awarded the Quality Deer Management Deer Stewart 3 certification, is a certified wildlife biologist, and a licensed affiliate broker, giving him the qualifications needed to provide premium consultation, land management services, and meet your recreational real estate land needs.  The company also employees other professional wildlife management personnel, and has a host of established, quality subcontractors to insure every aspect of your needs are met.

Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company offers a full array of natural resources management  and consulting services, as well as real estate services targeting hunting and outdoor recreational property.  Below is a list of services provided to Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company clients.

  • Strategic planning to determine short and long term management goals
  • Written property assessments and habitat evaluations
  • Written management plans for both short term and long term planning, with full support of implementing written plans
  • Timber management services with a primary focus of quality habitat generation and design
  • Infrastructure design and development
  • Aquatic management services
  • Population surveys and evaluations
  • Natural vegetation and food plot evaluation
  • Landscape design for increased hunting success
  • Buyers representation for those looking for hunting and outdoor recreational property
  • Real estate services for hunting and outdoor recreational properties
  • Blueprinting and development of properties for the those wishing to enhance the value of their property prior to sale

We feel that the most important step in managing any natural resource is defining the owner’s goals and objectives.  This is why we start every client relationship with a strategic planning process to determine and define the ultimate goals and objectives.  From here, we can create a time line of necessary management needs and a budget to accomplish the set goals within the defined perimeters of the landowner.  These first steps insures that our clients are given a realistic plan that is tailored to their specific goals and objectives, and one that is realistic and obtainable.  All consultations and evaluations include a written plan that clearly define the goals and objectives of the plan and the necessary follow up needed to meet these goals and objectives.  From there, Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company can handle each step of the process for you, or simply work with you on a as needed basis to assure the plan is materializing as intended.

Dunaway Land and Wildlife Company can also provide annual oversight of your personal property, work with current employees to train them in wildlife management practices, or even assist you with finding your own wildlife professional to work full time on your property.  A customized annual employment agreement can be created to cover all of your wildlife, habitat or property management needs.

Our full service real estate services is run through George Hamilton Land and Auction Company, which offers full service real estate services, but has a long history in effectively marketing and selling rural tracks or property.  With their established history and our expertise in wildlife and habitat management, we have created a unique group that brings a new level of experience to those seeking hunting and outdoor recreational tracts of property.  Few other real estate companies in our region offer buyers the opportunity to work with wildlife biologist and wildlife managers to insure the property they buying will meet their management objectives.  We will also work with land owners looking to sale their property to set themselves apart in the land market by branding them as wildlife and outdoor recreational property, if their specific tract meeting our defined standards for a manageable property.