Fishing Amenities

An Angler’s Paradise

Years of management have turned the 95-acre Dunaway Lake into a blue ribbon fishery, crystal clear and teeming with bass and sunfish. The best part? It’s just for members and their invited guests.

Dunaway Fisheries

Dunaway Lake is one of Tennessee’s largest privately owned lakes, accessible only by small boats with electric trolling motors.

Dunaway’s aquatic management program focuses on quality and provides anglers the opportunity to catch bass in the 2-4 pound range, with the possibility of landing a bass of 10 or more pounds with every cast.

“The fishing is extraordinary at Dunaway. In two years my son and I together have caught five large mouth bass over 10 pounds.” – Jill H.

Programs focused on fertilization, feeding, and proper water chemistry create the perfect balance of fishing quality and lake beauty. Our modernized outflow system helps maintain proper water levels and allows for cooler, nutrient poor water to be released in periods of heavy rains rather than losing higher quality water over the spillway.

Dunaway Fisheries

Reel in a hungry sunfish or bass off your kayak, or take your kids out on a canoe for their chance to snag a bluegill along the banks.

Enjoy year round fishing at our five acre Spring Pond, which turns from a bass and bluegill fishery to a trout fisherman’s dream in the winter months. Stocked with rainbow trout, anglers can expect catches from 14 inches to more than 24 inches.

In addition to the private lakes and ponds, Dunaway members are close to several other prime fishing locations. The famed Chickamauga Lake is about an hour east, and incredible brown trout fishing can be had 45 minutes away at the Caney Fork River.

Dunaway offers you:

  • Quality fish management program
  • Fish harvests of every size class, including trophy-sized bass
  • Professionally managed lake for both fish and other lake activities
  • Two additional fishing ponds, one of which is stocked with rainbow trout in the winter