Outdoor Amenities

Big Game Diversity

Through intense habitat management programs, Dunaway’s commitment to diversity ensures a sustainable, flourishing wildlife population and an exceptional hunting experience.

Turkey Hunting at Dunaway

Dunaway only allows for harvesting mature, swinging beard turkeys, which has led to a blue ribbon turkey population that provides membership excellent harvest opportunities year after year.

Dunaway has been under a quality deer management program for more than 15 years, providing the membership with thriving deer populations and buck harvest opportunities that exceed regional expectations.

“I have not found anywhere in the southeastern part of the country where your odds of harvesting a mature whitetail are any better than at Dunaway.” – John T.

Deer Hunting at Dunaway

Deer hunters may utilize one of the club provided and maintained shooting houses or ladder stands, or may erect their own private stands on the property.

Our computerized sign-out system gives you the ability to reserve a spaciously sized unit and ensures a safe and uninterrupted trip afield. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice pursuer, Dunaway offers you simple convenience and a full do-it-yourself experience.

“One of the special things about Dunaway is how easy it makes hunting with your family. I was with both my 8-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son when they killed their first tom turkey on the same weekend.” – Steve B

Not every trip ends with a trophy, but you’ll always come home with a story.

Dunaway offers you:

  • Big game hunting opportunities that exceed regional experience and expectations
  • A strong habitat management program focused on diversity and a quality field experience
  • Programs suitable for both novice and experienced big game hunters
  • A safe hunting environment